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#111: Understanding Your Validation Days

Happy Validation Day! Wait . . . what? Did I miss some memo here?

No worries, Friend. Consider this your memo, because today I am introducing you to something really important that you may have missed. I guarantee you that you have validation days – you might even be having one today – but you didn’t even know it.

In today’s episode, we will be talking about . . .

  • what are validation days,
  • how do I know when I am having one,
  • their link to our wellness,
  • what to do on those special days,
  • what definitely NOT to do,
  • their outdated link to guilt (which we will get rid of today),
  • AND the #1 important thing you need to know about a validation day.

And remember, if you are having a validation day, tag me @marla.barr, hashtag #validationday, so I can celebrate YOU!

#110: Becoming Wildly Feminine

For decades upon decades, we as women have been conditioned that if we want to lead, if we want to be powerful, if we want to be taken seriously, we need to be strong, show less emotion, be ruthless, be less caring. Basically, we have been taught to leave our femininity behind as it is a sign of weakness and step toward being more masculine.

Thankfully, we know better know, or at least we are starting to. In this episode, we go into why we stepped away from our femininity leaving behind some of our most powerful instincts, and how to connect with it.

I am honoured to share this conversation I had with Carole Tetreault, shaman, Reiki master, spiritual guide, and facilitator of the Wild Feminine course. You can learn more about Carole on her website, through her Wild Feminine Course, by listening to her Blue Feathered Stories podcast, or on Instagram.

#109: 3 Steps to Develop your Natural Instincts

Today you and I are building a bridge between your natural instincts, the ones that you were born with and bubble up inside of you every single day, and your emotions, all those up and down emotions you are feeling.

Once we can build that bridge together, it is time to start our training to develop your killer instincts. We go into why we need to work on our instincts, how it ties into our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, how to tune into them, and the three things you need to know if you really want to have killer instincts.

#108: Catching Up with the Planet Doctor, Dr. Gregory Schwartz

At the beginning of each year, you and I have a tradition of sitting down with Dr. Gregory Schwartz, the Planet Doctor, and talking about how our individual health is linked to what has been happening around the world this past year.

Join Greg and me as we dive into our favorite topic . . . understanding you in a new light!

You can learn more about Greg’s work on his site, through his Instagram page, learn about his 6-week challenge, or you can check out his new book, Bright Green Future.

#107: Understanding Your Winter Weight

Do you have a winter weight? Do you have a summer one? This time of year after the holidays and celebrations have wrapped up, after that ball drops on New Year’s Eve, we might start thinking about getting into some sort of wellness routine, but there is something that you need to know first.

In this episode, you and I walk through who experiences a winter/summer weight change, and who doesn’t. We look at why this happens, what is going on in our beautiful bodies during this time, and how to look at this natural phenomenon in a whole new light.

#106: Your EASY 1-Page Daily Selfcare Playbook (PART 2)


If you need a little help forming some selfcare goals and sticking to them, boy, do I have the 1-page resource for you.

In this episode, I walk you through my 1-pager that I’ve developed over the past 20 years that tackles the 13 wellness categories for your emotions, mental, physical, energetic and social goals. This episode is a part two of two (so be sure to look for episode 105) as I walk you through each of the 13 essential categories and how to EASILY get your daily selfcare habits and goals on track.

Here is the link to grab your free 1-page resource.

#105:Your EASY 1-Page Daily Selfcare Playbook (PART 1)


If you need a little help forming some selfcare goals and sticking to them, boy, do I have the 1-page resource for you.

In this episode, I walk you through the 1-pager that I’ve developed over the past 20 years that tackles the 13 wellness categories for your emotions, mental, physical, energetic and social goals. This episode is a part one of two (so be sure to look for episode 106) as I walk you through each of the 13 essential categories and how to EASILY get your daily selfcare habits and goals on track.

Here is the link to grab your free 1-page resource.

#104: Becoming a Chocolate Expert with special guest, Ryan Berk from Parliament Chocolate


So you love chocolate? Me too! You want to dive further into this passion? You want to pretend that you are standing in the midst of a cacao field taking in every smell, sound and sight that is the world of chocolate?

When I got you. Today the amazing Ryan Berk, owner of Parliament Chocolate, and I walk you through everything you need to know take your chocolate appreciation up a notch.

To learn more about Parliament Chocolate and the work that Ryan and his team does, visit their website at https://parliamentchocolate.com or visit them on Instagram at @parliamentchocolate.

#103: Spirit Animal Journeying into Your Shadow and Understanding Your Solar Noon


In this episode, I walked you through a recent spirit animal journey I had so you can see what this type of practice might bring your spiritual journey as we search for wisdom, peace and healing. In this journey a handful of the pieces of wisdom we were shown include:

  • examining your shadow
  • understanding the role of our shadows or traumas
  • realizing how our gifts come to the surface
  • the role of sunset, sunrise and solar noon
  • the routine to practice at solar noon
  • the importance of your shadow
  • how we need to share our gifts throughout the day
  • how our gifts regenerate with the passing of every daily sun cycle

I also put together the following resource for you so you can see what Your Solar Noon might look like depending upon where you are on the planet and the time of year. 

Solar Noon Infographic by City for October 18, 2021

#102: The Matcha vs. Coffee War - a coffee addicts story of going over to the green side


For nearly a decade I would have called myself a very happy coffee addict. My two cups of morning coffee was sacred, a critical piece of my selfcare, practically a religion really, then everything changed.

In this episode I take you through my journey from coffee addict to matcha Momma and we look at the benefits of each, why you might consider switching over, how my first few days and weeks went in the transition and what changes I noticed pretty much immediately.

#101: Ready to Get Witchy - 7 Selfcare Tips to Tap Into Your Inner Witch

I bet you have never thought of a witch as a selfcare expert. Well, maybe it is time we change that. Since we are well into the fall and Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it was fitting to look to our cackling, cauldron-stirring sisters for some wisdom on how to take our selfcare up a notch.

In this episode, I did chat about some of my favourite cauldron concoctions (I am talking about my root chakra nourishing soups), so here is my mini eCookbook I promised I’d share with you witches out there. Do make sure to message me on Instagram @marla.barr and let me know which recipes were your fav.

#100: Raising Plant-Based Kids

A few weeks ago, I received a question from one of you about the challenges of raising plant-based kids when those around you are not. I get it. I feel you. My two, that are 7 and almost 10 now, have been plant-based since before they were even born. In this episode, you and I chat about the big questions that I get most often:

  • do they ever eat meat/dairy
  • how to answer their questions about other people eating meat/poultry/dairy/eggs
  • what are the school dynamics like for plant-based kids
  • how to be plant-based when you partner is not
  • and what is at the core of your belief.

#99: Forest Breathing & My Half Marathon Save

At mile 9.5 I walked to the side of the road. I took my shoes and socks off, and I quit. There was no way I was going to finish this half marathon. I’m not a runner. What was I thinking when I registered for this four months back? That was a few days ago and even though my feet haven’t fully forgiven me yet, somehow I am sitting here holding my finisher’s medal. 

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the journey of this run and highlight a new selfcare term: forest breathing. What is it? How to do it? And why it can be beneficial for you.

#98: Emotional vs. Mental Health

What is the difference between your emotional health and your mental health? Aren’t they just the same thing?

In this episode I walk you through how and why they are totally different topics and both deserve your time and attention. I walk you through a simple emotional check-in practice that I do with my clients, family and friends all the time. We chatted about how there is actually no such thing as a positive or negative emotion and and I walked you through the emotions that reside in our first energy center, our root center.

#97: When the Summer Heat Gets TOO Hot

As we are hitting the height of the summer heat, how are you feeling? Are you loving every minute of this, or are you finding yourself a little more out-of-sorts than the norm and craving for that cooler weather that rights around the corner?

Whatever you answer is, there is a reason behind it and it has a lot to do with your specific wellness type. Join me in this episode as I walk you through the identifying with wellness type you are and what to do if you (or someone you love) is not naturally thriving in this heat wave.

#96: Your June Wellness Update LIVE with My Producer Matt

June is here and my producer Matt asked me on to a program over on DeanBlundell.com to talk about this podcast, health, what we might have experienced during the pandemic, and how to shop.

Many of these subjects were discussed in depth in my previous episodes, but with a whole new audience coming on board, we thought we would offer some of the top line information. 

#95: Mother's Day and Making it the Day You NEED

Mother’s Day is a day that has the potential to rouse so many different emotions in everyone; everything from elation to heartbreak is possible depending on who you’re speaking to. This day can offer an opportunity to celebrate, honour, and show our appreciation for the women who have shaped us.

May is the month of transformation, on which some people thrive, while others hold on for dear life. Let’s honour each other and our experiences by opening ourselves to others’ stories of all types, whether they’re happy, heartbreaking, or otherwise. 

#94: Your 5 Element Rescue Hack for When Your Emotions are Spinning

When your heart and mind start to race and you know you need a bit more TLC, what do you do? In this episode, I walk you through the 5 selfcare elements and how you can use them to help you when you do feel you are starting to spin and step away from your place of balance.

Together, we walk through your Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether elements.

#93: What are Food-Like Substances?

Do you eat food? Seems like a crazy questions, right? But the answer to this question might come as a shock to you. Plus, what is a food-like substance anyways and if it isn’t food, what is it?

In this episode, you and I head to the grocery store. We walk the aisles and we explore how our food once upon a time started to change into food-like substances.

#92: Ready to Start Your Crystal Obsession? Let Me Show You The Ropes.

So are you ready to add a new layer to our selfcare routine? Do you naturally gravitate to things that are sparkly? Or do you want to bring in million-year-old earthing grounding tools into your healing environment. Well, let’s look no further. In this episode, I go through my top three tips for anyone wanting to dive further into the world of crystal collecting. Here is list of some of the resources that I mentioned in this episode:

#91: The Age of Aquarius with Matt Taylor, Karmic Astrologist

I think we have all felt a significant transition or emotional switch over during the past year for a boatload of reasons. One of those reasons may have been written in the stars millenniums ago as we recently moved into the Age of Aquarius.

What is this age? What does it mean for you? How is this currently impacting your day-to-day life? This is what Matt Taylor, karmic astrologist, I discussed in this episode for you.

#90: Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Julie Staub

Nearly 30 years ago psychologist Elaine Aron coined the personality type “Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)”. Since then we have seen that almost one in five of us fall into this gifted group on individuals.

But how do you know if either you or something you know is an HSP? Join me in this week’s conservation with Julie Staub, holistic wellness coach, HSP and HSP mentor and facilitator.

#89: Your Wellness Type in the Spring & the 3 Selfcare Tips This Seasons

Well, spring is officially in the air, so are you ready? Does this season made your heart SING or are you more of a “blah” for springtime?

Well, there is a reason for that. In this episode, you and I look at the wellness body mind types and how each of them move and flow into this season.

We chat a bit about the two chakras that tend to SHINE for you the time of year, then I lead you through 3 selfcare things we can all easily do to make sure that we are ready for all of those springtime feels.

#88: Plant-Based Athlete John Rush and his Pups

John Rush is a professional football player. He is the embodiment of a “man’s man” – naturally athletic, loves his pups and the outdoors, probably someone you can imagine having steak and potatoes for dinner most nights of the week. And he was, until four years ago when his coaching team asked him to do something he hadn’t done before.

In this episode, John and I chat about:

  • his path to becoming vegan,
  • what his transition was like,
  • after his first month of trying it out, why he decided to stay with it,
  • what his fellow teammates through of his diet change,
  • his favourite recipes, vegan restaurants and products out there,
  • and his path to his pups, Bone and Bailey, and the importance of rescuing and fostering dogs in need is to him.

#87: Body Liberation & The Geode Theory with Teri Hofford

How do you speak to yourself? What do you say when you look in the mirror? What has society confidences you “beauty” is and do you fit into that definition.

I don’t. Actually, I don’t know anyone that does. In this episode I sat down with the GREAT Teri Hofford – body image and mindset coach, boudoir photographer, and author of the new book The Geode Theory.

Teri and I chatted about why we look at our bodies the way we do, where that stems from, her farm life, to teaching in Korean for a few years, to working in the diet culture ironically to today, where she stands in front of thousands of women helping them see the gold within.

#86: The 1 Thing to Do NOW for Your Health

I am often asked this question “I want to work on my selfcare. What is the one thing I need to do first?” Oh, Honey, I’ve got you, because there is one thing that is HUGE. It doesn’t have anything to do with food, drinking water, meditating, doing yoga, sleeping well, working to stay away from too much technology.

Nope, it doesn’t have to do with taking supplements, pills, powders, actually it doesn’t cost a penny to do. And it only takes a minute to do and you only have to do it once in your life. Curious? Let’s chat about the 1 thing you can do for you selfcare today.

In this episode, I also chatted about what my goal weight is – or more accurately what it was – and how to better understand what is behind our goal weights to help empower you to let yours go.

#85: The Yoga Warrior Story & 6-Pose Flow

I had been practicing yoga for over 20 years before I started to dig into the rich stories and history of each pose. What were they individually trying to teach us? What little pieces of wisdom were hidden in between the “rise up through your crown” and the ” twist as you exhale” moves.

In today’s episode I wanted to look at yoga and helping you through those times when – GRRRR – you are so angry you could kick something, so you and I are about to walk through a 6-pose yoga poser story of rage, revenge, regret and figuring our how to approach what gets us most angry and dealing with those times like a yoga warrior.

#84: State of the Globe with Dr. Gregory Schwartz, the Planet Doctor

Well it has been about a year since we checked in with one of our favourite doctors, none other that Dr. Gregory Schwartz, THE Planet doctor. As Dr. Greg has told us before in the last episode we taped with him, the health of the planet and your personal health are joined at the hip, so let’s dive into this episode and get caught up with what has been shaking down on planet Earth in 2020 while we were all focusing on the pandemic and the US election, as there is a LOT to cover.

To learn more about Dr. Gregory, you can visit his site www.theplanetdoctor.com, on Instagram at @theplanetdoctor, of you can check out his new book Bright Green Future (cowritten with Trevor Decker Cohen) and preorder it like I did!

#83: Your Day Through the Doshas

What time is that big meeting you have today? And why are you hungry now? And when do you need to start powering down at night?

In today’s episode, I walk you through a full day from the time you peak open those cute eyes in the morning until you head to bed at night as we chat about the natural energy cycles that take us all through the day. 

You will look at planning your days in a whole new light after this helpful episode.

#82: Goal Setting Yogi-Style

Ready to set your goals like a yogi? With New Years Eve right around the corner and resolutions and your goals for 2021 top of mind, I wanted to walk you through the 12 yogi goal setting areas which work up through your seven main chakras or energy centres.

This is YOUR resource so whenever you find yourself in a place where you are ready to take stock of where you want to go and where you are now, you always have this handy check-in and yogi goal assessment at your fingertips.

#81: Your 265 Best Friends and How to Befriend your Emotions

How many best friends do you have? One . . . maybe two . . . or heck maybe five (those are lucky duck friends to all have you).

Whatever that answer is for you, I want you to add 265 to that number, because you actually have 265 more best friends that are there for you 24-7, they always have been and always will. So who are these 265 long lost friends you might ask? They are your emotions. 

In this episode, you and I will pick one of those emotions that are fluttering through your heart and mind right now and we will take it out for coffee. We will sit down across the table from it and – yep – we will talk to it. See what it’s been up to. See if there is anything it wants us to know. 

#80: The 7 Rooms in Your "House" - A Tour Through Your Chakras

Today we are doing something a little different. I am switching out my yoga pants for a cute 2-piece suit as I need to look the part for you. Today, I am going to be your real estate agent as I give you the grand tour of your “house”.

No not that house – YOU! You are the house, your heart, mind, body, Soul! That house.

I want to take you through a tour of the seven most important areas or rooms of your home and YES that means we will be walking through your 7 chakras.

I have the key in my hand. Are you ready to step through the door? Let’s begin the tour . . .

#79: On Being Unhinged

What is the one word for you that describes how you are feeling right now? Take everything that has been 2020, add it to a pot, stir it up, and look down. For me the word unhinged seems to fit.

What does that mean, how can we understand this, and most importantly, how to we remain stead as we continue to weather this storm together. Let’s dive into this episode together and find solace for a moment.

At the end of this episode, I walked you through a special protective meditation with light that I use in situations where the collective energies are weighing on you and you need to form a barrier of love and kindness to protect your beautiful heart and mind.

#78: Milk Does a Body ______?

Growing up we heard it a million times: “Milk does a body good!” We would see advertisements with our favourite movie stars or athletes sporting a milk moustache with that logo. We believed it. How could we not?

But even way back then, scientists and researchers were working in the background and their work pointed toward something very different. In this episode we look at when we started to drink cows milk, why it happened, what it does to your body and why we were fed the line “Milk does a body good” for so long.

#77: Cookie Cravers Go Gluten Free

It’s that time of year where our thoughts turn to the holidays, our favourite dishes, and who might or might not be able to celebrate with us this year. As much as I LOVE to bake, I don’t always like what my belly is telling me the next day as some of the ingredients in those GOODIES may not be behaving so good in my belly.More and more we are seeing grocery store aisles lines with foods labelled as gluten-free, dairy-free, or GMO-free.

In this episode, I sat down with Brittany Baker, lawyer turned gluten-free Goddess of the baking world as we talk about her transition to gluten-free, her company FOMO Baking Co., her love of cookies, and how the food industry is changing for good AND for the good. For more info on Brittany, visit her at FOMO Baking Co.  or on Instagram.

#76: Let's Get Mouthy - Your AM Oral Routine Made Easy

It’s morning. You peek over at the clock. Yep, time to get up. We stretch and reach for our housecoat when we stop. “Yuck, what’s that taste?”

The story of what goes on in that gorgeous mouth of yours all night long on a cellular basis might look like an epic thriller of heroes and villains, wars and truces. I won’t spoil the grand finale for you, but I promise you’ll never look at those pearly whites the same again.

In this episode, we dive into my morning selfceare oral routine. In that chat I reference a few of the items I use. Here are their links:

#75: The Wolf Story - Spirit Animal Meditations

There are so many types of meditation styles, some calm you, some rejuvenate you, some – let’s be honest – put you to sleep. I have been mediating regularly for 30 years now using every style I have come across. In this week’s episode I wanted to share something really special with you as I introduce you to a meditation style that is more of a journey than a “clear your mind” type. 

Today we will look at what spirit animal meditations are, and what they are like as I walk you through my most recent S.A. meditation. We dive into the world of animal guides and wisdom we can receive through this mode of connecting with yourself and the world around you.

So let me take you on a journey through the woods. The winds are howling around us. The sun is about to fall below the horizon. We pull our sweaters close around us as we hear the leaves crunch under our feet. We see something ahead. There is someone special that the spirit guides wanted us to meet. Let me take you into this week’s episode. 

#74: What Your Hair is Telling You with Barton James

Chemical Engineer turned nano-mineral superhero? Yep, that pretty much describes Barton Scott and what he found out about your lovely locks of hair. In his yearly 20s, Barton had everything. He was an athlete, an accomplished scientist, and had a promising future paved at his feet. But something wasn’t right. His memory started to get fuzzy. He couldn’t react as sharply as he did just a few year earlier. 

Barton’s story of how he figured out what was wrong and how to easily fix it using his research background has gone on to impact and help thousands of people all over the word. So what is your hair telling you about how you’re feeling. Join me in this chat with the wellness industry’s real Mr. 007, Barton Scott, and find out.

#73: Getting a Chemical Free Body with Tim James

One of Tim’s best friend’s received a terminal diagnosis. He was willing to do anything he could to help him. When he asked Tim to come to Florida with him for a month to try something different, he jumped at the chance.

His journey lead him not only to helping his friend completely heal from his diagnosis, but turned Tim’s life around and opened his eyes to the role chemicals are playing in our bodies today. The VIDEO is below.

#72: You in September - Selfcare Tips and Tricks to Ensure your RISE in the Fall

What does September mean to you? Do comforting thoughts of pulling out your sweaters, turning on the fireplace, pumpkin spice lattes and homemade soup start flooding your mind, or goes it make your heart say “Oh, no! Not yet!”

In this episode we look at how you – your beautiful, perfect body and mind – transition into the fall months. Some people love it! Others have a really hard time. There is a reason why.

#71: Electro Magnetic Radiation & 5G Technology and Ayurveda

In this episode on electro magnetic radiation and our health, I sat down with Ayurvedic expert, Purnima Chaudhari to look at:

  • what is our energy field,
  • how electronic magnetic radiation (EMR) impacts it,
  • what are the Ayurvedic nadi points and how do they come into play,
  • how she is seeing EMR impact our health, and
  • then we dive into all the easy things you can do starting today to mitigate EMR in your home.

For more about Purnima and the work she does, her website is here. You can listen in below or watch the live taping youtube link.

Play Video

#70: Shamanism & Spirit Animals with Carole Tetreault, Blue Thunder Bird Woman

Carole Tetreault is a healer, spiritual guide and is also known as Blue Thunderbird Woman. In this episode, the two of us journey through Shamanism which was enhanced by a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called the Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. Since then, Carole has worked with Shamanism as a form of healing – which includes ancestral healing where the pain from your past lives’ are addressed. In this episode, you will find out what is involved in a Shamanic practice, how to connect with your spirit guide, determining your spirit animal and returning the happiness that may have fled because of trauma. 

For more about Carole and the work she does, her website is here. 

#69: My Plant-Based Story

Sometimes we forget that our journey to where we are right now is packed with beautiful stories. For this – our 2 year podcast episode – I thought I would share one of mine with you.

I have been plant-based or vegetarian or . . .  well, I get to that in a moment here . . . for 37 years. It didn’t happen all at once and there were a boatload of both tiny and huge gifts that shaped the decisions I made. 

In this episode, I talked about a handful of the most profound ah-ha moments in my life and their role in this whole vegetarian thing. I also went through the five reasons why I don’t consider myself a vegan. 

#68: PAUSE Breathwork with Natalie Suppes

What can you accomplish in a breath? We inhale, exhale, repeat, and don’t think about it. But depending upon our breathing style, we can do so much more. 

In this episode, Natalie Suppes, a certified PAUSE breathwork facilitator and Crohn’s wellness coach, and I explore this style of breathwork. After over a decade of battling Crohn’s disease, Natalie looked for answers to help her body and mind heal. Along the way, Natalie found this breathwork technique that transformed the trajectory for her health.

#67: Your Life Inventory Assessment with Maurice Thibodeau

Is it time to take shock of where you are and how you are doing? So many of us feel that we are off course, stuck in jobs or relationships that are not helping us get to where we should be. Stopping once in a while to check in and see where you are is critical in moving you forward.

In this episode, I sat down with Maurice Thibodeau as we chatted about his Life Inventory Assessment and how it can give you a beautiful picture of where you are and what you should be focusing on in your life (and where you can let it slide). I took Maurice’s online assessment in just a few minutes and we went through some of my results live.

#66: Using Power as Peace with Michael Arterberry

How can we find peace, use peace and rise from what is happening in the world right now? This week I sat down with Michael Arterberry, youth development expert and founder and executive director at Youth Voices Center Inc. in Connecticut.

As a leader and visionary in the Power of Peace Movement, working for over two decades with at-risk youths, and as a recipient of the 100 Men of Color Award, we looked at what has happened this last week since Mr. George Floyd was murdered, how to process this, and where to go from here.

#65: Modern Homesteading & Permaculture with Bret James

In this episode, I sit down with Bret James of High Sierra Permaculture as we talk about his transition from a Denver-based computer programmer to living off the grid on the north shore of Kauai to homesteading in the California Sierra Nevada mountains.

Bret want me to share with you the link to one of his great online courses he teaches on permaculture. You can also find Bret on Instagram or on his website.

#64: Climbing Mount Everest From Home Challenge

After the first month in isolation, I had melting into a place of homeschooling, letting go of my old routine and, well, scones. After a month of that, I was feeling pretty darn blah, sluggish, stagnant. I needed something to pull me back from the land of homemade scones, so I went online and found a couple guys doing this crazy thing call the Climb Mount Everest from Home Challenge. 

In this episode,  I share with you how I got started, how I am NOT letting the corona virus take my endurance, stamina or strength, and how this challenge has been more therapeutic for me that I thought it ever could be.

Here is the handy link to my tracker I have been using for this challenge.

#63: Finding JOY with Tiktoks with Charmaine Jennings

At the beginning of 2020, Tiktok was a skyrocketing app that attracted people in the 13-29 age group. Then Corona happened and TikTok is now where you will find the most hilarious grandmas in their 80s, your cousin that SWORE she would never do the social media thing, and homeschooling parents that are making it trough each day sharing their ups and down. Join social media guru Charmaine Jennings and I as we dive into TikTok and what you might find there. 

To learn more about Charmaine, you can find her on Instagram at @hustleandcharm or online at http://www.hustleandcharm.ca.

#62: Conversations with a Sage - Catching Up with Kevin Naidoo

In this week’s episode, I bring on Kevin Naidoo to discuss our lives in quarantine thus far. We talk about a lot of different subjects from the ego, to gratitude, to confrontation and communication in a pandemic. We covered a lot of ground, and my conversations with Kevin are always so enlightening. Hope you enjoy!

To learn more about what Kevin is up to visit him online at www.kevinnaidooyoga.com and on Instagram and Facebook @kevinnaidooyoga.

#61: Longevity Nutrition to Your Door with Jennifer Maynard

In this episode, I invite Jennifer Maynard to talk about “longevity nutrition” — the best long-term nutritional habits you can have. Jennifer is the CEO and co-founder of Nutrition for Longevity Inc. — a company focused on giving people the tools to maintain healthy diets from “longevity regions” (places with the longest, healthiest lifespans on Earth).

We speak about her farm in New Jersey, food as medicine, soil health in farming, and the worst foods people can eat during self-isolation.

#60: The 7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting this Immunity-Busting Battle

So, you’ve stocked up on your vitamins, have planned your day around the free IG live workouts available, and have committed to do that Climb Everest from Home challenge. You’re ready for this Take-That-Covid-19-You’re-Not-Welcome-Here battle, right?

Well, not so fast soldier. In this episode, you and I go through the 7 battles your systems is probably fighting on your behalf every day and we address how you can easily start working on these starting today.

#59: Your April Wellness Update

So, WOW, April! If there ever was a month where we needed a bit of a okay-what-the-heck-is-going-on-and-how-can-I-navigate-through-this, it is probably this month.  In this episode, I went through:

  • the couple dates in April that might impact you,
  • some important things to think about when to bring items home form the grocery store,
  • and that FREE 28-page Food During Crisis resource I put together for you. 

#58: Ayurveda when in Crisis

In today’s episode, I sit down with a dear friend and healer, Purnima Chaudhari as we dive into the oldest lineage of self-care on the planet: Ayurveda. We chatted about:

  • the three types of foods : smart food, dumb food and dead food
  • why oral health is so important
  • why energy workers can feel this crisis on a different level
  • how to make “Smart Water & what our biggest toxic enemy is.

#57: Understanding How We React in a Time of Crisis

In this episode, Dr. Frenz and I speak about

  • the three parts of reacting: feelings, thinking and behaviour
  • what happens when our reaction time is shortened
  • why our feelings should never be ignored
  • why our feelings are never wrong
  • how to self-sooth ourselves at this time

#56: COVID-19 & Your Wellness Plan when Emergencies Hit

In this episode we look at the four things that are adding to our global response and our individual response to this pandemic, heightening our reaction and the decisions we are making.

This week I was actually scheduled to talk to you about our root energy centre, which speaks to our safety needs and our fulfillment of security. We then go into my 7-step self wellness plan that you can start putting in place today to help you mentally, emotionally and physically move through this health crisis as well as any other emergency that you might experience.

#55: Your Love Handles

In this episode, you and I chat about your relationship with your belly region, the 4 main reasons our intestines tend to distend and swell. I made up this handy little acronym “D.A.N.G. Girl” to help us remember. Then we go into the only one way that you can work to diminish your love handles if that is your goal, how you DON’T want to get rid of it (spoiler: it’s through dieting), and the only one way to prevent additional accumulation of tissue to that lovely midriff of yours.



#54: The Lost Art of Hugging

Have you ever wondered why we hug or what it really does for us on a physical or emotional level. Why, like anything, there is a science and an art behind it. Let’s dive into today’s episode as we chat about:

  • what does hugging do for us
  • why we might not like to hug
  • what is a chakra hug
  • and how entraining plays a role

#53: Wisdom from your REAL Fairy Godmother, Flossie Park

What do you need to know? What are the lessons you need to hear to get you through, to help you understanding what you are dealing with right now.

Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I know our Fairy Yogi Godmother does. Years ago I met one of the most profound wise souls on the planet. Unbeknownst to me, this crossing with Flossie Park would change everything for me.

#52: The Balancing Act with Amelia Barnes

In this episode, I sat down with Amelia Barnes, the visionary, founder and day-to-day juggler of the eco-amazing lifestyle apparel company PranaVida. We talk about

  • how we (attempt) to do everything
  • being a plant-based parent
  • raising eco-kids
  • wearing all the hats as an entrepreneur
  • how to fit in some ME time everyday
  • and who Amelia looks to for inspiration

#51: Willpower and Understanding Your Indulgences

In this episode you and I talk willpower, but first I need to take you on a little journey to your power energy center, your solar plexus, your digestive center because in order for us to talk about YOUR amazing willpower we need to understand where exactly it comes from (yep, willpower is born in a physical place in your body).

#50: The Planet Doctor, Dr. Gregory Schwartz

In this WOW our 50th episode together, I am joined by The Planet Doctor, Dr. Gregory Schwartz as we talk about:

  • the Australia wildfires
  • what you need to know about the planet (and its link to your health) right now
  • the elephant in the room
  • being a plant-based athlete
  • tips on living with a non-plant-based partner
  • toxic masculinity
  • his 3 take aways on what we can all do starting today

#49: Slow Tempo Food with Amy Nikkel from Adagio Acres

Everything is fast. Fast food. Drive there fast. I want it now. So what is slow tempo food and why is it gaining so much popularity? In this episode, I chat with Amy Nikkel from her family farm, Adagio Acres, in southern Manitoba, as we talk about what small, organic farmers in your own backyard are doing to help you and impact your health.

#48: Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment with Purnima Chaudhari

In this episode, I sit down with Purnima Chaudhari, Ayurvedic healer and pulse assessment expert, who is helping take this specific lineage of ancient, lost healing wisdom to the next level. Purnima and I chat about:

  • What is pulse assessment
  • It’s relation to marma therapy and marma points
  • What can you learn through your pulse
  • What toxins are most impacting your health
  • What a typical pulse assessment would be like

#47: Your December Wellness Guide

This time of year can be very taxing as we are all mentally taking stock of the past 12 months, packing our calendars with possibly over indulgent get togethers, and letting our self care routine maybe slip.

In this episode, I chat about my top 5 take aways from keeping you flyings high this holiday season, then I went with a special jolly-filled meditation focusing on what joy really is and how to let it embody our beautiful Souls.

#46: The Moon Cycle & Your Period

Well, if I told you that a 30 minute podcast episode about menstruation and the moon we would talk about Asian elephants, Alice in Wonderland and Diet Coke, would you believe me? Ha! Well that is exactly what we did.

This truly is one of my FAVOURITE wellness topics, mostly because no one has ever told us the truth about menstruation.  We are not told about its link to our health, our emotions, our crazy Goddess capabilities. We are not told what is really going on and how to harness this awesome magically, biological tool. And you don’t hear how and why this is linked to the moons cycle and what that means.

#45: Your November Wellness Guide

New month. New things you need to know about keeping the one and only you operating sky high on all wellness cylinders. November can be a tricky month for most of us health-wise. As the season turns, and everything around us – every tree, every little critter – changes so much, our thoughts, our beautiful bodies, really our every cell goes through a big change.

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to know now that it is November, how to ensure your health is flourishing, and you feel amazing. I even end with a specific November meditation for you to take you through these next 4 weeks.

#44: Becoming a Cold-Fighting Ninja Warrior

So, it is cold and flu season. Someone coughs on you at a meeting at work. Your kids come homeroom school sick. You wake up and feel it. Shoot! You don’t have time for this. How do I get better ASAP.

In this episode, I go into three of my most important stories about what the heck is going on in your body when you are down and out and what you and do RIGHT NOW to get you back up on your feet before you know it.

#43: Saying Goodbye - How to Get Through a Sudden Loss

Over the summer, I lost my Dad. There was no warning. No real hints as what was to come. He sent me a text the day before: “Talk to you soon, Sweetheart. Drive home safely”. We were coming home from a road trip early so I could teach at a yoga festival. That was the last thing he said to me.

Unfortunately, we have all had to deal with someone we love deeply leaving us way too soon, totally out of the blue. In this episode, I share with you my journey through grief, loss, and healing as I share a few tips on what helped bring me solace during this time.

#42: Plant-Based Athletes with Calle Alexander

Calle admits that he was the last person on earth that would consider going vegetarian, much less vegan. In this episode, Calle Alexander of American Ninja Warrior fame talk about:

  • What changed his mind on vegetarianism
  • Why he went from being vegetarian to vegan
  • How going plant-based turned out to be his performance game-changer
  • What being a professional plant-based athletes day looks like
  • His favorite plant-based meals
  • And his new ninja training facility in Miami.

#41: Dealing with Death with Kenlyn Kolleen

Grief and loss impact us all, whether we have lost a close family member, friend, colleague or dearly loved pet. Our journeys through life criss-cross death so many times, that it can become difficult to determine who we are grieving for, what loss we are trying to come to terms with at any given moment.

In today’s episode, former attorney, Kundalini yoga teacher and transformational life coach Kenlyn Kolleen and I discuss how we deal with death, dying and what lies ahead.

#40: Intermittent Fasting - Is it right for you?

If you are like millions of other people out there, chances are you are hearing more and more about intermittent fasting all over the place, but there are a few things that you might now know about this way of eating. In this episode, I cover:

  • what is IF and what does the science say,
  • what a typical IF fast day might look like,
  • how your body changes while intermittent fasting,
  • what is the one body type that IF works for,
  • and what to do if you are one of the other 2 body types, but want to give it a try.

#39: Hypnotherapy with Amanda Carson

As the arena of mindfulness continues to explode with research studies documenting their far reaching benefits, there is a chapter in this discussion called hypnotherapy that is receiving growing interest. In this episode, I sit down with yogi, social worker and hypnotherapist, Amanda Carson as we discuss:

  • Amanda’s road to this healing modality,
  • what is hypnotherapy,
  • what issues does hypnotherapy help with,
  • what can you achieve with hypnotherapy,
  • and then we walk through what a typical hypnotherapy session might look and feel like.

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