Owning your Past, your Purpose & your Potential.

Welcome to your Sanctuary!

Goodness, am I ever so happy to have you hear as we launch this new wellness venture together. This is your wellness tribe, your community of healing, your sanctuary for growth. Welcome!!! Let’s get started together.



Our December Plan

Dec  1 – GLOW Course kick off 9pm CST

Dec 2  – GLOW Course Day 2 (10am)

Dec 3 – GLOW Course Day 3 (10am)

Dec 4 – GLOW Course Day 4 (10am)

Dec 5 – GLOW Course Day 5 (10am)

Dec 6 – GLOW Course Day 6 (10am)

Dec 10 – GLOW Grad day!!! (9pm)

This WEek's News (Dec 9th)

This week we will be wrapping up our  7-Day GLOW Course on Tuesday at 9:00pm. Now I move over to full on planning for our awesome January month-long goal setting mastermind. The journals will be arriving this Friday – SO EXCITING! I’ll be recording the 7 new meditations for next month and 7 yoga videos.

We also have our cooking class togerther that I’ll start prepping for and two great podcasts I am taping, the first one with Purnima Chaudhari, the Ayurvedic expert in town I have been talking to you all about 🙂

Your Journey. Your Way.

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