It’s Time to Step Into Your VIP Wellness Experience and Start OWNING your Health Today

You know how you feel, how you are feeling right this minute physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Like EVERY single one of us, we have serious work to do on our amazingly perfect bodies, minds and souls. This might be the first time you have decided that “Heck Yeah!” it is time to really carve out some time for your own personal growth, your journey. “This is the time for me, to really put my needs first.”

If you are like most of us, it is hard to think about putting yourself first. Aren’t we supposed to just unselfishly give and give and give to our work, our families, friends, that crazy committee that you don’t know why you signed up for?!? Isn’t that the right thing to do? So at the end of the day, how does all that giving shake out? How does it make you feel? Exhausted. Spent. Worn down. Sick.

Of course. You given everything – your time, your energy, your heart, your soul. 

But I have great news for you, dear friend: you are at a gas station right now, and this is where we fill you up. Nourish that belly to give you the energy you need. Patch up all those little holes in your heart, because there is NO room to let go of even a speck of your greatness. Breathe the life into your every cell that has been starving for attention. Move that crazy, awesome body of yours so we can empower your talents and gifts.

I have created this VIP wellness tribe to week-by-week, month-by-month start owning YOUR health and helping you take BIG steps forward on your personal wellness journey. So, what do ya say . . . Is it YOU time?


Here’s How It Works


Although this wellness membership normally costs $124 Canadian a month (about $99 US), I want you to experience the DELUXE treatment that all my VIPs receive at a special price: $97 a month (which is about $69 US).


Once you sign up, you will get access to our private VIP Facebook Community and get access to our my brand new 90-Day Yogi Warrior Training Program. 


Because it is about to get really good! This is entirely about your journey – where you are right now – and what obstacles you are facing. One by one, we are going to tackle these, understand where they come from, and then we are going to yogi body slam them right off your path, because it is only onward and upward for you from here on. So take a deep breath, because it is about to get good!


It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Taking a step forward for yourself – for your health – can be scary, discouraging and a battle of “why can’t I figure this out on my own. . . .what am I doing wrong?” It is totally understandable. We have ALL been there. But let me ask you . . . when you need your hair super cute, what do you do? Yep, we go see an expert, off to the hair dresser/barber you go, because you’ve got to look fly. Need your taxes done? Of course. Let’s call that accountant friend of yours. As AWESOME and crazy skilled as you are, you can’t do everything

We all need mentors, guides, help, someone to grab our hand and hoist us up so we can shine like the diamonds we all are. That is exactly why I want you to get started for FREE and see results for FREE and have fun (yes, FUN!), with your wellness for FREE. All the while, I’ll be here holding your hand, cheering you on. I’ve got my nutrition-slinging-yogi-meditation-moves pom poms ready here, and I am going to go all out cheering for whatever game it is that you are playing. And – NO – together this doesn’t have to be that hard!

*** Just a little warning: This wellness program is for people that are ready to take a BIG step toward their goals and OWN and discover and relish in their amazing gifts. If you are not ready, that is totally OKAY! Taking moments in your life to just exhale and be right where you are, admiring the view and NOT taking a step further is so OKAY, alright (and, honestly it is needed once in a while)! Just know that I’ll be here when you are ready.

When I started down my wellness path 26 years ago on my first day of university, I needed to know EVERYTHING about how we get sick, how we get well, what rocks our flippin boats even when we think we have everything under control. And I didn’t just need to know all of this to help my friends and family that could have used a mentor, a coach, a way through what they were dealing with, but I need it, too. (We ALL do!)

After studying medicine, yoga, neuroscience, herbs, energy work, nutrition, reflexology, Ayurveda, reiki, sound healing and meditation, I am no where near done learning, but I have absorbed a lot, seen a lot, and I know how to make sense of what you are going in your mind and body, and I know how to help you take that next big, beautiful step.

If there is ONE thing you could do for yourself – just one – it is to invest in YOU, your self care, your needs, your wellness. I promise you that it will pay you off in so many ways, and I want to show you how to do it.


So, it’s decision time! Time to take a breath, take a moment, and ask yourself “Is it ME time? Is this upcoming year, is 2020 when I powerfully embrace all who I am and everything that I am meant to achieve?” That decision is yours alone, and I know how many times I have sat on the fence peaking over to the other side, wondering what it would feel like if I took that chance on myself and taking my next step. Is this really the right time to do this? The secret is that is it ALWAYS your time. Every single breath you have is your opportunity.  I really hope to see you as our next all-star  VIP Wellness Member. I am ready if you are 🙂

Your coach, your mentor, your #1 cheerleader  – Marla