5 Tips on Crushing Your To-Do List

If you think about all the things you would like to change – at work, with your health, your family, your relationships – how long is that list? I’d like to walk the dog more. I’d like to start bringing plastic bags to the store. This is the year that I will finally read a book for no reason. Does your list even have an end or does it keep going on and on and on?

Or maybe the things on your list are SOOO big (yeah, I was thinking I’d tackle global warming this week!?!, or I want to start my own company from nothing with just me and my snappy yoga pants – I so feel that one), that you feel totally overwhelmed just thinking about it.

That is one of the reasons that change it so difficult for us. Where do you even start? Even if I work on one of these things, there are 900 waiting in the wings, giving me the evil stink-eye glare that tells me “I better be the next one you start working on, Buddy”.

It is so much easier to forget the things-I-want-to-change list even exists and just couch it in your jams with some potato chips, a glass/bottle of wine and Netflix for like the rest of your life, right?

There are some days that I am so in that place. And then I look at my kids and I know I need to get up, have a shower, put on a fresh pair of non-peanut-butter-smeared yoga pants, make my super-octane coffee, and try.

Here is my 5 Step Try Plan to get you through whatever is on your change list . . .

1: Toss Your List. Get rid of it. Let the dog chew it up. Flush it down the toilet (be careful with that one). Put it in the shredder. Done. Gone. Now let’s start again, but this time, we have some different rules.

2: No More Than 5. This time you make your list there can not be more than five items for you to work on. They don’t need to be big things (my list has “write this blog” on it, and “order my daughter’s yearbook pictures”. I know. It’s February and she had the pics taken in September. I am working on it).

3: The Prize for Funniest Goal Goes To. One of the things on your list must make you laugh out loud every time you read it, or at the very least, it must make you smile ear-to-ear. What? How do I do that? Goals are serious and important and supposed to be boring. They have nothing to do with fun or – heaven forbid – laughing. Understood. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Wear my fanciest, over-the-top outfit to the grocery store for no reason and act like this is totally normal.
  • Dance from beginning to end to the entire album of (enter in my fav album of all time here).
  • Book an entire day off to do a marathon of some TV series I have never watched, but everyone is talking about.

4: Location. Location. Location. Tape the list to your fridge where you will see it, find it and smile at it every day. If you are a tape-it-to-my-bathroom-mirror soul, you do it. I am just in my fridge way more often than my bathroom, so that’s what works best for me.

5: Pick the Easiest One. Maybe it is just to take the recycling out. Maybe it is just to finish writing this blog 😉 but pick the easiest one, then do it and cross it off your list. Highlight it. Done. You might only get to that one goal today, and that’s cool. Tomorrow we have to tackle that epic dance party to Justin Timberlake’s entire Bring Sexy Back album. Or maybe you get most of your to-dos done and you need to write out a fresh 5 tomorrow. Awesome!

Just know that you have done a million, billion things to get right here where you are in life today, and it is pretty amazing because YOU are pretty amazing. And whatever step you decide to take next, it is just that, one step.

You have got this. You are slaying this because you always have, and always will!

Well, I am about to put on some stilettos to do my grocery shopping (that is a fib. It is February in Canada. No one wears stilettos anywhere, but I do have a snappy sequence yoga top that might do the trick).

But now back to you. In the comment section below, do let me know what is on your list, what album are you dancing to for your funny to-do, or you can always send me a pic of you grocery shopping all glammed up. That would be AWESOME!

Wishing you love and light, Dear Friend – Marla