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Hi There! Here you will hear from me and other wellness experts from around the world as together we will uncover new healing modalities, learn about nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and green living, and review some of the fad wellness program and products on the market today.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s listen in to some of your soon-to-be-favorite episodes.

Check out some of the episodes below, of you can find my latest episode here.

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Meet your host

I’m Marla Barr. Part Canadian. Part Californian and 110% a believer that we hold all the keys to our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Food scientist, yoga teacher, sauerkraut advocate, emotional trauma and relationship healer, and plant-based parent of 2 pretty amazing young kiddos.  

I geek out on numbers and research just as much as I do putting together this podcast for you all. I am facinated by our digestive systems, the science behind reverse aging, and how we can put our bodies and minds into a healing state. When not working – or on my yoga mat – you’ll find me building LEGO or reading Harry Potter with the kiddos, or enjoying a glass of wine with my wonderful partner. I am a HUGE animal lover (became a vegetarian at age 7), except for snakes. They have no eyelids you know. That’s scary stuff.

recently on your wellness journey

Ep 38: Over Gluten?

If gluten is out, What grains are in?
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Ep 36: Million Dollar Skin

But - SHHH - everything you need is in the kitchen.
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Ep 29: Probiotics 101

The 411 on probiotics and why they should only cost you pennies.

Ep 37: Fighter turned yogi

An athletes road back from traumatic brain injuries with Derek Pang

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Love this podcast!

Marla has such a deep knowledge of healing and health, and her engaging style and fantastic guests are fascinating to listen to and learn from. There are so many awesome episodes it's like a gold mine whether you are a wellness junkie or just starting out in your wellness journey.
Amelia K B
Podcast Fan

Like going to an expensive wellness nutrition expert. . . .for free!

Marla is highly educated, intuitive, and warm. I’m listening to the podcast from the beginning and learning a lot about my body type and wellness in general, even though I already have a strong foundation in the topic. She does not appear to be pushing any products or agenda. Thanks, Marla!
Podcast Listener
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