What wellness goodies top my list

My Wellness Must haves

Here in our VIP Wellness Marketplace, you and I go shopping. I take you through my favourite local and global finds that all play a role in my wellness self care routine, so you know what I buy and where I find it. 

Below you will find my November features.

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Getting your GLOW on

Cocoon Apothecary is one of my favourite skin care lines after studying dozens upon dozens toxin-free, plant-based brands. I also LOVE that it is WAY cheaper than any of the comparable luxury products on the market that perform at the same level (oh, and I am SOOO getting this Nordic Boost Serum the second it hits stores here). Here are my top must haves in my bathroom right now:

– Rosey Cheek Facial Cream (100 mL $45 Cdn)

– Ancient Mud (100 gm $26 Cdn)

– Eyewaken Eye Cream (20mL $30 Cdn)

Rock Shop

We are geology nuts in this household. Give me a cave, cavern or gnome scientist to chat up and I am in bliss. Here are my go to wellness rocks, crystals and energy objects right now. I really like the Shaman Sisters site. The prices are pretty darn good and they ship all over. These are pieces that recently ordered.

 – Shungite towers (15 cm towers for $75 Cdn)

Shungite Cell Phone Protector ($11.99 Cdn)

Moon Light (4 inches for $29.97 Cdn)

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Farmer's Market Fun

I am a big fan of buying in bulk and using my own bags. We save SOO much money, support some great local organic farmers, and end up with enough food to last us months on end. This January we are purchasing the Winter CSA from Adagio Acres. If you are not in the Winnipeg area, I highly suggest you look up CSAs in your area as you will save a boatload of money:

Half share gluten-free ($160 for 3 months worth)

Full share gluten-free ($270 for 6 months worth)

– There are also non gluten0free shares available at the same price.


Supplements, Herbs & Oils

Truth be told, we hardly have any supplements, vitamins, pills or powders in this household, but here are a few we have on hand for when we need it.

 – Prana Flow Roll On ($8.50 US) I actually have the cream vs. the roll on, but this is a way better price. If you are interested in it, I can tell you how I use mine.

Om Organic Essential Oils ($10-$24 Cdn) We will be spending the entire month of April going through these.


Your Journey. Your Way.