Hello Jo Anne and the AAFC/AAC Team!

It was a pleasure speaking to you all this morning and THANK YOU for your great questions! Together we covered . . . 

  • The Covid-19 (the 19 pounds we have all gained)
  • Food vs. Food Like Substances
  • What happens to your body when you are not eating
  • The role of the slacker on your digestive team (your teeth) & chewing
  • The one thing I wish I could get rid of yfor you in your kitchen for your health (dairy)

Below you will find the video of our chat today. I also included a few  links to the other topics that came up, so you can get a we bit more info. 

If you have any other questions, you can find me here or on Instagram at @marla.barr where I post many more resources for you all each day.

Love and light – Marla 

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More info on Topics that you brought up today . . .

What's inside-2

Download my Free Selfcare 1-Pager

When we spoke today, I mentioned the free 1-page selfcare routine that I put together recently. It is packed with everything I have gleamed over the past 27 years in wellness on how I keep myself Andy family healthy each day. 

To help keep you on track and be there for any of you wanting to use this resource, I am LIVE on Instagram page Monday – Thursday during the month of October at 9:ooam chatting about each topic on the selfcare checklist and there for you if you have any questions.

You can download the free guide here . . .