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Supporting your healing journey every step of the way

What your INWARD Circle monthly membership looks like . . . 

  • Monthly wellness topic & challenge
  • Daily selfcare journal (see picture here)
  • Monthly 7 day Resets ($97 value)
  • 2-3 weekly live check ins ($370 value)
  • 2 group chats per month
  • access to our spring 40 day Reset ($395 value)
  • 20 minute 1-on-1 time with me each month ($75 value)
  • AND access to our private Facebook Group
This monthly program is focused on making you and your selfcare one of your top priorities as we continue to take strives forward with how we feed and nourish our bodies, how we listen to and work with our emotions, and how we examine and improve upon our relationships and environment.

I invite you to join your selfcare family . . . 

Be sure to use the discount code RESETGRAD to get your 35% off discount for your monthly cost. 

This amazing  discount is just for you 7 Day Reset graduates and will be yours to take advantage of until December 1st, 2021.

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