Get your January 7-level Goal Worksheets

Welcome to January!

This month we are focusing on looking at the seven layers of goals that we all have. We will use our 2:00 pm check-ins to dive into each layer and work through our worksheets together. Here is the schedule for our chats:

  • Root center goals: Jan 5th and 7th
  • Sacral center goals: Jan 10th
  • Solar center goals: Jan 12th and 14th
  • Heart centers goals: Jan 17th and 19th
  • Throat center goals: Jan 21st
  • Third eye center goals: Jan 24th
  • Crown center goals: Jan 26th
  • Putting it all together: Jan 28th

Be sure to take a minute and schedule your monthly 1-on-1 time time with me so we can go through your goals in-depth. The link above will give you times on either Thursday, January 6th or the 20th.

Also, be sure to check out our January to April  journal below.

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January Kick Off Chat

During our kick-off chat for January we looked at our January and February schedule, the new journal, our plan for the 7-level goals worksheet, and we shared a bit about our holidays together.


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January Mid-Month Chat

Our mid-month chat for January will be held on Monday, January 17th at 8:00 pm CST – the same day our selfcare reset week starts. The link to join is below.

Meeting ID: 840 6483 2933
Passcode: Aibn06