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Come back to your authentic self by looking within.

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Waking from the Dream

It is said that we are in the time of the Great Awakening, a time were we wake up to the world around us, the world within us, and the power we each have to produce powerful changes.

This era we are all in can leave us with so many questions, feeling lost, low and needing to reconnect with our purpose, our center. 

From these needs, Marla and Maurice crafted the Awakening Retreat where you will connect with who you are, release and find peace with what is no longer serving you, and come away with clear direction to manifest your ideal life vision

Join us as we wake from the dream and set your gifts into motion


Marla Barr began her journey into being a wellness expert 27 years ago. Starting off with a degree in food science, she quickly realized that in order to help people heal and understand their beautiful, miraculous bodies, minds and hearts, that she would have to understand every aspect of human wellness.

She completed training in chartered herbalism, Reiki, reflexology, art therapy, Tai Chi and yoga. Then life took a turn as Canadian-born Marla found herself in San Diego, California and working in wildlife conservation.

During that decade spent immersed in tigers, elephants and gorillas, she got witness the innate wisdom of how to be health, how to live in joy, and how to practice selfcare from the animals around her. 

While in California, Marla was fortunate enough to study Ayurveda from Deepak Chopra’s team, become a certified yoga teacher, work on a science of wisdom project with UC San Diego’s neuroscience department and spent her time grounding, earthing and meditating at her favourite beach, Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.

Marla, who is now back living in Canada, has been plant-based since the age of 7, has two young children, a brand new kitten, a darling partner of 25 years. In her spare time, enjoys studying Human Biogeology (how rocks, stones and crystals impact our wellbeing) and making malas.

Marla is the host of Your Wellness Journey, one of the top 1% rated alternative health podcasts and runs her wellness business Marla Barr & Co, where she teaches the most beautiful Souls how to understand, love and care for themselves.


What you will gain

During this retreat you will:

The Awakening Retreat is about coming back to your authentic truth by looking within. Be reunited with your source and carry that forward to your relationships, your purpose, and your community.

The world is to behold you – your unique gifts – and we are here to help.

Calendar for your 9 months of Energy

October 2020 – June 2021

Schedule subject to change. 

Ready to see the retreat?

The other day I went to visit Maurice and toured the 80-acre prairie nature oasis where we will host you for this retreat.
Let's check it out!

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Your Healing Environment

Taking care of you, so you can focus on your growth and healing 


Marla will be designing each of your plant-based meals during the retreat based on the needs of our root energy center and how to bring balance and grounding into your system.


At the feet of the natural prairie grass habitat, under the green leaf umbrella of the white popular trees, you have options to fit your style that include: full set up glamping, self-set up or bring your own RV or tent.


Each day you will be lead through specific yoga postures and flows that work with the healing, grounding work we will be covering. All yoga levels will be accommodated.


Each day our leaders will guide you through various meditation and mindfulness practices from meditative forest walks to guided Yoda Nidra practices, as you will be immersed many styles of quieting our minds.


Whether it be through chanting, the playing of sacred crystals bowls or a couple of the musical surprises we have in store for you, music and voice will play an important role in this healing earthing retreat.


Connect with the prairie land, enjoy walking trails, ponds with access to canoes and kayaks, take a dip in the private swimming pond, or relax on the beach. Outdoor showers and outdoor washrooms cover your basics.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be limited to 15 attendees.

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