Cleansing 101

Cleanses. Detoxes. Juicing.

You hear about these from time to time when a Hollywood starlet wants to lose weight for an upcoming movie, or something that only vegan yogis attempt, but what are they really and how can they benefit, well, everyone?

I have been studying food science and the healing arts from just about every angle for almost 25 years now and am an avid detoxer for the last 15. I have tried everything: the good, the bad and the downright scary!

Even though when people talk detoxes, cleanses or juice fasts, it seems to be all about weight loss, in reality, there is a whole other world to this wellness topic that is hands down a game-changer for your health.

First, let’s back up here a bit. Many, many moons ago when I was studying food science in university, a little fact came up in a lecture, kind of as a side note from the professor, but something that stopped me in my tracks: 70% of all the calories and nutrients you eat are needed to go right back to helping your body digest and process more food.

What!!! Hold the presses here, so that means that only 30% of everything I eat (that organic kale I so lovingly grew, the virgin coconut oil I went out of my way to buy, etc), is going to actually help me, I don’t know, move, breathe, think, repair muscle, fight cancer cells. What?!?! Only 30%! Does anybody else know this?

Okay, so obviously there is an issue here that we need to work on. 70% just to digest/process my food: No Bueno! So what can I do?

Here is where the wonderful world of detoxes and cleanses come in. (I am kind of getting tired of writing out “detoxes or cleanses or juice fasts”, so just know that they are all one and the same to me, and I am just going to call them Cleanses from here on out, okay).

Okay, Cleanses! This is what happens to your body on a cleanse:

You: Hi, Digestive System. It’s me. I was thinking that you have really been working hard like say for the last like decades now. You deserve a break. I will take care of the digesting bit and you just relax and recharge your digestive juices 🙂

Your Digestive System: Ummm, I am sorry? What did you say?

You: No seriously. You deserve a break!

Your Digestive System: AAAAARGH!!!! This is the Best. Day. EVER!!!!!

Yep, this is what happens. When you are on a cleanse, the amount of time and energy your body needs to spend on digesting/processing food: somewhere around 10%. So that means that the other 90% can go to making your skin glow, helping you heal from that lower back thing you have had for the past couple of years or that yeast infection, or go fist-to-fist with the cancer cells we all have in our bodies or . . . . you get the picture. It is kind of the best thing ever.

Now, you don’t see that info on the cover of the magazine when starlet X lost 20 pounds in 10 days on some new cleanse, but that is in fact what “CAN” happen. This is why I say “CAN”:

So does that mean that you should jump on any detox out there? Unfortunately, No! Like I said before, I have tried out pretty much every fad detox out there and there is something wrong with all of them, and you already know what that is.

What do you think the #1 reason people say “I could never do a detox”, is? Yep, they think they would starve. And actually, they are totally right. On pretty much every single detox I have seen out there, you drink some sort of clear, wheatgrass tasting juice for X number of days, and end up consuming next to no calories. So here is what that looks like in your body:

You: So, hi Body. Just as a little heads up, we are on a fast. I am only drinking lemon water and celery juice from now until Friday when I have that date with the super cute guy from the office.

Your Digestive System: Aaaaargh! What is going on here? Are we stranded on a desert island? Have we been taken a hostage? What is happening? Where are the nutrients???

You: It’s fine. We are going to lose like 15 pounds in the next 5 days and my skin is going to glow.

Your Digestive System: Red alert!!! Red alert!!! This ship is sinking. Start turning off systems STAT! Metabolism: You are the first to go. Dial your operations WAY back. AAAAARGH! Red alert!

Yep, that is what your body is saying and that is why pretty much EVERY single cleanse I have seen out there has a 0% chance of providing you with long term results. This includes the brand new bad boy on the weight loss block: The Ketosis Diet. (I swear if I read another article about the Ketosis Diet, I am going to kick the wall. Grrrr!) Here is the podcast I was interviewed on all about my take on the keto diet if you are interested.

What makes me so upset about all their weight loss schemes is they only care about short-term results that are not intended to be sustainable. They want you coming back again and again for more because they are companies and they want your business, your money.

Those diets all make me think of some person that was just interested in you because of your looks and didn’t care a lick about any other aspect of you. Every time you see one of those diets, think of that person. Their interest is only skin deep and you are SO much more than that. Grrrr! Are you angry too?

So what makes the cleanses I design different? First of all, you consume the exact same about of calories you normally would. So if you consume say 2,000 calories a day, you will be consuming 2,000 calories a day on my cleanses. One of the main goals is to ensure that your body does not think it is entering into a starvation state.

You might say, “But I do want to lose weight. Will that happen?”. Yep, it will. On the plan I have crafted for you all, people who have a weight that their body does not need will come off. That said, for a portion of the population, they struggle with maintaining the weight they have, just to stay in a healthy place. Those people will also greatly benefit from this cleanse.

My goal is to make sure that we never lose sight of what this is all about: your physical, mental and emotional wellness! This is about not getting cancer or fighting cancer you have with everything you have AND winning! This is about not getting arthritis, and hemorrhoids, and low back pain, and migraines, and diabetes and everything else there is a prescription bottle for. I want you well. I want you well today, tomorrow and far into your future. I want you to invite me to your 100th birthday party and I want you to dance with me like no one’s business on that special day.

Something else that is different about the cleanse healing courses I design is I don’t ask you to buy pills or powders or any type of pre-packaged concoctions. What I will ask you to buy is real whole foods, like apples, and spinach, and oats. Stuff like that!

My goal is to ensure that you walk away from my cleanse with the knowledge of exactly how your body works, how the products on the grocery shelves impact your health, and what you need to do to live a long, happy, pain-free, disease-free life. This is about empowering you because YOU are worthy, capable and more than enough to be the crazy awesome superhero you have always been.

My online healing courses will be available in the fall of 2019, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here on the contact page.

Wishing you love and light!