Well, Hello there!

Hi, I’m Marla and I want to help you to achieve the best health of your life. Here we work on your gut health, increasing your immunity, upping your selfcare routine, and healing your mind, heart and body.

I have studied over many years to find out how to be in my best health and how to help others. My approach combines science with spirit and evolutionary biology with nutrition to create whole body solutions crafted for real people. I started Marla Barr & Co. to share what I have learned with others.

Through this website, my podcasts, courses, workshops, retreats and Instagram page, I am building my wellness tribe.

My VIP experience is for those who are looking to get some help on their journey and be a part of my guided cleanse and detox sessions.

Origin story

I grew up in a family where health and wellness were not things that came naturally. There is chronic illness that runs in my family. I was not built to be an athlete, in fact I was a super huge nerd.

I saw family members struggle with their health. I decided I did not want to struggle my whole life with chronic illness. So, I used my nerdiness and turned my brain power towards wellness. I wanted to find out how I could beat my genes and become the best me I could be. My wellness journey started at 10 years old.

Once I was old enough I went to pre-med. But after a couple of years I became disillusioned with the system. The doctors I saw were just so over-worked causing their own lifestyle to become unhealthy. I did not think I could help others if I could not maintain my own health.

So, I changed my focus to food science. I studied for four years and graduated at the top of my class with a full scholarship to finish my masters.

Finally, I sat down with my first patient. I was so full of confidence and excited to help her. She turned to me and said “So I’m thinking about taking echinacea. What do you think?” 6 years of school and I didn’t even know how to spell echinacea. 

After that, I dove into any aspect of wellness I could find, so long as it was rooted in science. I became a chartered herbalist, studied tai-chi, breathwork, yoga, Ayurvedic health, Chinese medicine, reiki, reflexology even art therapy. I have combined all this knowledge today to provide my clients with a full wellness solution as together we look at what is wellness and how can we bring ourselves back to place. 

After years of studying human health, I took a little detour to work with animals. I worked with elephants, tigers, cheetahs and gorillas. What this allowed me to do was to examine human wellness by watching the animal kingdom. For example, a gorilla is solid muscle and yet they are totally vegan. How has nature already mastered some of the things that we still struggle with to this day? This is something I continue to incorporate into my health and wellness solutions. 

Today I lead my VIP members, course attendees and social media Tribe in wellness sessions where I share all the knowledge that I have gained over the years. I focus heavily on gut health, detoxes and cleanses. I believe that if we give our bodies the proper tools they can heal themselves.


·* 2 years pre-med 

* undergrad in food science. graduated top of my class and valedictorian

· completed a fellowship in healthy aging from Stanford School of Medicine in California 

· I am a certified chartered herbalist (certificate) 

· I hold my 200-hour yoga teachers certificate, as well as certificates in reiki, reflexology, ear candling (yep, its a thing. Ha!), crystal bowl sound healing (ditto 😉 

· I spent time with UC San Diego’s neuroscience team lead by Dr. Dilip Jeste. My interest area was on the science of wisdom, how we measure wisdom in ourselves and others, the 7 pillars of wisdom and how to increase your wisdom (and why you would want to do that in the first place). 

· I consulted with Deepak Chopra’s team in San Diego, so my work has a lot to do with his teaching to us on Ayurveda. 

· I worked with wild animals for 12 years, 2.5 at the Calgary Zoo and 9.5 at the San Diego Zoo where I managed a team responsible to helping the in situ conservation projects. 

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