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"I am absolutely LOVING your book I’m just finishing up Chapter 4 (oh sweet sugar how I love it!) and it’s SO good Marla you have such a talent for communicating ideas.
Adam Sendler
Reader from Manitoba
I began reading your book yesterday and have loved every word so far. It makes me feel like we are sitting in a cozy living room together, chatting the afternoon away.
Reader from Florida
I am excited to share everything I am learning with my husband and daughter!
I’m so glad you wrote this book. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Reader from BC


So many of us suffer for years, battling our bellies as we cope with trying to figure out why we are feeling bloated, experiencing too frequent or too infrequent trips to the bathroom, and just feeling unwell.

Let me help you. In this book, I will walk you through the stories your digestive system wants you to know. Together we will determine your wellness body type, and explore the foods that best suit you.

Let’s start this new chapter for your health today.


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