#47 Your December Wellness Guide

Let's get you GLOWING from inside out,
from outside in.

Ready to get your glow on?

We all have stuff that builds up, clogs our beautiful systems. It just means we are human. But the GREAT news is that in just a few days, you can rid your body and mind this build up. Ready to dive into our 7-Day Get Your Glow On course? Below you will find all you need to start today AND be sure to check out my WELCOME video for you here.

During your journey through this week, I have posted a handful of helpful resources for you to either listen to or watch at your leisure (while you are getting that GLOW on).

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Day 1: Full Body

Check out our class video here and your worksheet that we will be working through together. 

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Day 2: Pore Health

In our Day 2 Chat, I went through a couple important Day1/2 transitions in our cleanse, my fort with 5 million windows story, and how to understand the critical link between between temperature and your skin.

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Day 3: Skin Care & Temp

In our Day 3 Chat, I went through Vitamin D and why you don’t need supplements, the 3 times of day your skin NEEDS you and what that means and why we need to think of our neck as part of our face,.

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Day 4: Feet

In our Day 4 Chat, we delved into the world of foot care and elephants?!? Yep! And how that all relates to you. We talked about how your feet are the one area of your body you can’t do alone, and the routine that you can. Then I showed you a cool yoga block foot massage that saves me ALL the time 🙂

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Day 5: Hands

In our day 5 Chat, we discussed the most common hand, wrist and nail issues, why they happen and what to do about it. We looked at why our hands tend to show signs of age faster than other parts of our body. Then we looked at selfcare for your lips and started to discuss hair health.

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Day 6: Hair

In today’s chat, you discussed coming out of a cleanse, the real function you hair plays, and understand some of the things our hair is telling us. Then we chatted shampoo, hair dye and how often we wash our hair.

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Day 7: Glowing Grad Party

Wahoo! You did it! Here is the video from our grad night celebrations where I did a bit of an overview, talked about sunglasses and discussed what is next!

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