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Welcome to your Wellness Mastermind

With this course over the next month, we will be going on a journey to look at your seven main energy centers as we determine your strengthens, the obstacles you face at each center, how to understand them, work to navigate through them and where to place your energies to ensure your 2020 goals are achieved.

In each level, we will cover the following:

  • ROOT strengths (safety, security, and stability)
  • SACRAL strengths (creativity, emotional connections)
  • SOLAR strengths (self-esteem, will-power, responsibility)
  • HEART strengths (love, self-love, relationships)
  • COMMUNICATION strengths (speak your truth, communicating your needs)
  • INTUITIVE strengths (direction, clarity, foresight)
  • CROWN strengths (mindfulness, consciousness, sacred connection)

At the top of this course’s page, you will see the rainbow coloured navigation bar. Each of these links will take you to all the resources for each section. You can move through them at your own pace. In each section, you will find that section’s:

  • guide book
  • self-lead course videos
  • grocery shopping list and recipes
  • meditation
  • breath work exercise
  • and your yoga tutorial

Your first step is to download the course guidebook, which will give you information about the entire program we will be working on, then you can head over to the first energy center page, and we can get started

May you ever grow and flourish Р Marla

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