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Your Sound Center

In the fifth section of our course, we will look at the important of communication, our voice and vibration: our SOUND center.

Below you will find the links to the two self-lead video courses along with the book sheets for this section. The final and third class for this section will be a group class hosted live on Monday, February 3rd at 9pm CST on our private facebook page. It will be recorded and posted here afterwards if you can not attend the group class.

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some recipes to feed your SOUND energy center

Breathe. Move. Release

yoga, breathwork exercises and meditation to ignite your SOUND energy center
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Our SOUND Source

Here you will find the yoga videos along with the meditation and breath work exercise I put together for this, our communication and vibrational center, or our SOUND center. Enjoy!

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Class #1

In this class, we covered what is our throat or sound center, why is it important, the role of communication here, and what happens if it is not balanced.

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Class #2

In this class, we look at sound and vibration as a way to connect to others, but also as a way to align the systems in our bodies and minds.

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Class #3

In this class, we look at our main communication channels, where we can improve and barriers we can often face here. This is about finding your voice and using it. We also touch on telepathy and electron magnetic fields and how they impact your communication.

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