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Your Heart Center

In the fourth section of our course, we will look at our home of relationships, love and self-love: our HEART center.

Below you will find the links to the two self-lead video courses along with the book sheets for this section. The final and third class for this section will be a group class hosted live on Friday, January 24th at 1pm CST on our private facebook page. It will be recorded and posted here afterwards if you can not attend the group class.

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some recipes to feed your Heart energy center

Breathe. Move. Release

yoga, breathwork exercises and meditation to ignite your Heart energy center
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Our HEART Source

Here you will find the yoga videos along with the meditation and breath work exercise I put together for this, our love power center, or our HEART center. Enjoy!

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Class #1

In this class we look at .why we need love, how this energy center is about nurturing this plateau of peace that I talk about. We also chatted about imbalances in love and the strings from your heart story.

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Class #2

In this class we covered the give-receive game we play with our HEART center, the role of rejection, risk and compassion. We looked at the first part of passionate relationships, and how to come down from that puppy love high. We also talked about the 3 things we need to focus on if we want to bring love into our lives.

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Class 3

In this class we discussed the 6 areas of love, why affinity matters, the science of hugging, and I teach you what is a chakra hug is. 

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Class 4

 this class, I went into what is bad breathe (it’s not what you think), how to have good breath, and how important WHERE you breath is.

Class 5 (Group Course)

Now that we have dove into …… The live tapping will take place on Monday, January 27th at 9:00pm CST on our private facebook page.

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