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One of Tim’s best friend’s received a terminal diagnosis. He was willing to do anything he could to help him. When he asked Tim to come to Florida with him for a month to try something different, he jumped at the chance. His journey lead him not only to helping his friend total heal from his diagnosis, but turned Tim’s life around. 

In this episode of Your Wellness Journey, Tim James and I chatted about . . . . 

– what ailments he was suffering from 

– the diet that he was put on 

– what his first cleanse really felt like 

– what was his big “ah-ha” health turn around moment 

– how far he has come from that day 10 years ago 

– what his daily wellness routine is 

– and how he is now helping people from all over the world overcome their health issues. 

To learn more about Tim, visit him online at http://www.chemicalfreebody.com. If you find any products on Tim’s site you would like to try, he has set up the discount code MARLA to receive 5% off your order.

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