So, Hi!


Hi All! With so many wonderful new faces here, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all, to THANK YOU!!! for following this wellness site along, and properly introduce myself.

So, Hi! I’m Marla. I am mom to Violet (6) and Jack (4) who you see dancing through my some of my pieces here from time to time. My hubby Sean, the kids and I returned to Winnipeg, Canada last year after being away for 17 years – mostly enjoying the sun, sand, food, PEOPLE and yoga in San Diego.

When I was very young, I became seriously obsessed with wellness. It stemmed from having many loved ones around me sick and pass away too soon from diseases that were (we know now) preventable. I didn’t like what my DNA was trying to hand me. I thought, sure, I’ll take the blue eyes, the feisty nature, the fondness for math, but the rest – the cancer, heart disease, weight issues, gout, allergies – I don’t want. I didn’t care if I had to work 10x as hard to be healthy because I wasn’t born with an athletic or coordinated bone in my body, or genetically destine have a “healthy” body shape. I was going to figure this out, and I did.

So, I did what you do: become a doctor, right? But after a couple years in pre-med, I realized I would probably be working to do more damage control than making sure people never got sick in the first place. I then ended up with a Food Science degree. But I needed more: In order to help myself and others on their wellness journey, I was going to need to learn a lot more. I studied any modality that was scientifically proven to play a role in our wellness: Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reflexology, Reiki. A few years ago, I went back to my first love (medicine) and completed a fellowship in Healthy Aging at Stanford School of Medicine.

All those degrees, certificates, studies aside, I hands down learned the most important lessons when I was blessed with a 12-year life detour to work with some amazing wild animals. It is crazy to think that I really figured out how to be a healthy human being only through watching the rest of the animal kingdom. So my first breathing/meditation coach was an Asian elephant named Kamala. Each week when we were together, she would bow her massive head down allowing me to gently place my palm at the base of her trunk as we closed our eyes and slowly inhaled, exhaled together. I learned protein absorption from a rock-solid 400-pound silverback gorilla named Kakinga (who happened to be a vegan!) I learned the art of chewing your food from a leggy giraffe named Bahati who had the most dreamy eyelashes that seemed to go on forever.

So that’s me. The combination of all of those things has me here offering you all 7-day wellness detoxes once a month, leading wellness retreats, teaching yoga, writing detox cleanse books and cookbooks, and launching a weekly podcast called Your Wellness Journey this summer. Oh, and mom to Violet & Jack 😍

So tell me about you. Where are you on your wellness journey? What is behind you? What do you hope to find ahead of you?

So tremendously humbled and grateful for you . . here . . today!

Love and light, Marla



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