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RISING from one season to another

Days 1 - 4

Welcome to our homepage here for our first section of our spring wellness cleanse course – the PRE-Cleanse. This will be our home for the first four days of this course as our bodies and minds get ready for the good stuff coming its way

Please note that the kick off for this course will take place live on our facebook page on Sunday, March 8th at 9:00 pm CST. Looking forward to catching up with you all there.

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some recipes to bring your digestion out of its hibernation

Breathe. Move. Release

yoga, breathwork exercises and meditation to ignite your seasonal change
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The Season to Bloom

Here you will find the yoga videos, along with the meditation and breath work exercises, I put together for this, our transition into spring, our season of awakening. Enjoy!

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Day #1 Chat

In this class together, we cover why is it SO important to give ourselves time to reset ESPECIALLY in the spring? What is the significance and what happens to us if we  don’t take the opportunity this time of year to reset?

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Day #2 Chat

In this class we look at what I call our “Healing State”. WE looked at how you get there, what might prevent you from getting there, and what it feels like when you experience work being done by your body and mind in this state.

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Day #3 Chat

In this chat we talk about what you might see and feel from your body and mind as your system starts to enter our healing state. We look at the queues our body gives us and what they mean, then I chatted about what happens to us all in the early afternoon (I call this Coffee-O-Clock).

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Day #4 Chat

In today’s chat we talk about intermittent fasting, what it really does for your body, and what happens to your mental clarity and your body if you don’t allow yourself to intermittent fast on a regular basis. We also chatted about what your body does when you go for too long in between meals.

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