Hi, I'm Marla.

I teach people who are ready to OWN their wellness and their personal healing journeys the tools, tricks and strategies needed to conquer their mind-body obstacles and understand their gifts.

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Your Ultimate Selfcare Journey

The self-paced masterclass that that puts YOU in the centerstage of your life, career, and relationships by guiding you through the seven essential wellness journeys within your major energy centers.

In Ultimate Selfcare Masterclass, some of the things that you will receive access are:  

access to the 7 module training, lessons, exercises and resources as we travel through your seven main energy centres and assess where you stand in each, the obstacles and opportunities you have there and how to identify, relate and connect with those around you as they move through their specific journeys,

Experienced 7 weeklong plant-based digestive cleanses as we focus each of them on the seven major energy centres in order to understand how to best nourish ourselves as we work on specific mental, emotional, and physical opportunities within us.

AND determine your wellness mind-body type.

To her highly acclaimed self care courses, podcast Your Wellness Journey, wellness courses, workshops and retreats, and to her clients from around the globe, Marla brings her background in food science, yoga, meditation, energy work, medicine, Ayurveda, grief and tragedy coaching, along with her passion: the emotional-digestive link.

She proves that wherever you are on your wellness journey, if you are ready to take that next step – and truly understand what is in your way – that nothing can stop you.

Your Wellness Journey Podcast

What started out as a gift to my nearest and dearest friends and clients - episodes on the top wellness topics I get asked about all the time - has now grown into a top health resources for an ever-growing global audience.

Each week we cover every aspect of your wellness and healing from digestion to depression, gluten to grief, relationship to self love rituals, mindfulness to making YOU your #1 priority. Oh, and yoga!

“Marla has such a deep knowledge of healing and health, and her engaging style and fantastic guests are fascinating to listen to and learn from. There are so many awesome episodes it’s like a gold mine whether you are a wellness junkie or just starting out in your wellness journey.”

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